Benefits of Green Tea Extract Capsules

 Green Tea Extract CapsulesThe green tea extract capsules are derived from Camellia Sinensis. It is a nutritional supplement with so many benefits. Green Tea Extract can help provide you with metabolism. Metabolism is an important factor in the human body that creates energy. An increase in the rate of your body’s metabolism means that your body will burn fat rapidly and may reduce weight in some. The Green Tea Extract is usually taken in the form of tablets, or liquid. It serves to act as a weight loss supplement and may give a person the loss of appetite that signals the brain not to want to eat because of the feeling of fullness in the stomach. In the end, you achieve your desire for weight loss. However, any pill will not be enough if you do not live a healthy life by exercising and by eating the right foods.


The antioxidants in green tea help keep bad cholesterol and serum triglyceride levels in the normal state. People with high cholesterol levels can definitely experience the benefits of this tea thru the cleansing of blood streams. The antioxidants have a great role in our body to get rid of toxins.


The tea is a good source of anti-inflammatory agents, which helps in the prevention of osteoarthritis and may give the consumer lesser joint pains. It is because of the antioxidant factor in green tea that gives you this benefit.

Green Tea Extract and Weight Loss

It might be because of the benefits that people tend to drink green tea. In addition, weight loss is the main reason why people have taken this tea. The antioxidants in green tea have a big factor in the process of cleansing the body through the eradication of toxins. Green tea extract enables rapid metabolism and has natural laxatives, which makes the stomach active, thus making the person emit what is not well inside.


A study in China concluded that certain doses of 600 mg-900 mg of EGCG catechins produced a strong effect on weight loss, bodywork and a decrease in abdominal fats. It is suggested that you look for products with 45% EGCG and 90% polyphenol contents.

Why green tea extract?

When a person takes in green tea, the amount of catechins taken is approximately 100 mg. Various reasons such as the number of drenching hours, the water temperature used in the extraction process and some regional variation of the plants is factors why green tea may have different effects on the consumer.

Consuming 6 to 9 cups of tea is needed to achieve the maximum level of weight loss a person may desire.

Drinking tea might be one of your favorite things to do. In addition, you can combine it with green tea for a positive healthy result.

The green tea has been proven to reduce lose weight. Green tea is an herbal supplement that aids in the rapid metabolism of the body so producing high energy levels. The increase in the rate of metabolism turn fats into energy and thus promotes fat loss. Aside from this, it normalizes functions of the heart, may prevent dental plaques and so many benefits that are more healthful.

Theophylline, amino acids, sodium, potassium, polyphenols and many more vitamins and minerals compose the extract. These do not only make green tea a nutritional drink, but can also aid the body in achieving weight loss. These nutrients suppress appetite and thus achieving your desired weight.

There are 3 different varieties of tea leaves regarded as green tea. The tea can be colored black, green or Oolong. All of them have the capacity of promoting weight loss in humans. They are available in capsule or liquid forms in the market. Any of these provide the same benefits of weight loss, fast metabolism and may lower cholesterol levels. In addition to its benefits, arthritis and some cancer types may be prevented or controlled when consuming green tea extract.

There are many benefits of consuming green tea extract. You must follow the directions before you use any product. If you can use them correctly, you can expect good results. You should also be aware of some precautions. Contact your doctor if any problem comes during or after the use of the product.

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